Updater Version Free trial

Update all of your applications without even knowing about it

Are you tired of constant pop – ups telling you it is time to update some of your applications, searching for the right updates and installing them? Wouldn't it be great if your Windows would do all the updating on their own, without you needing to download every single update manually? Updater can help you with this and make it easier on you, so you will have peaceful mind and some extra free time to spend on something better.

The Updater has a data of more than 100 programs and can check them regularly while you are working on your computer. It will notify you on the latest updates and will ask permission to install them, which can be done in only two or three clicks. You can also make it ignore or skip some of the apps that you don’t find useful. You can program the Updater to check for latest updates every day, once a week or even once a month, depending on your wishes or you can temporarily turn it off. This application is very simple to use and you do not need a lot of pre - knowledge. Give it a try and have a complete piece of mind.
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